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Summer's here, it's Conservatory Season!

Enjoy your summer with a DIY Conservatory


Summer's here, it's Conservatory Season!

As the days get longer and the trees blossom back into life, it looks like summer is finally on its way. And with it, the promise of garden parties, barbeques and Pimms on the lawn. It is no surprise that many people decide to invest in a self-build conservatory at this time of year. They are the most affordable way to really get the best out of your home, your garden and the great British summer…all year round!


Conservatories and Orangeries; Enjoying the Great British Summer…All Year Round

Our self-build conservatories feature a range of modern features and innovations, designed to ensure you really enjoy everything summer has to offer.

  • A beautiful Ultraframe glass roof ensures your new conservatory is light and airy. With its controllable ventilation, you can always relax and entertain guests at a perfect comfortable temperature.
  • Our roofs and windows feature modern solar-control technology. Reflecting 78% solar radiation and 90% UV rays, your conservatory will feel bright and welcoming, without ever feeling overheated or uncomfortable.
  • Why not check out our bi-fold doors? These allow you to really open up your house to the garden on those warm summer days, and bring the outside, inside!


And for those rainy days…

But this is Britain. How many times has a summer garden party been spoiled by that inevitable rain shower or freak cold snap? Once again, our affordable self-build conservatories are designed not only to allow you to throw a great party even on the dullest summer day, but to help you enjoy your home and garden through the worst of the British weather.

  • Our uPVC profiles and double-glazed windows and roofs are extremely durable, and provide efficient insulation to keep your conservatory at a pleasant temperature throughout the year.
  • Ultraframe glass roofs are rigorously tested to withstand the very toughest weather conditions.

Indeed, you should not be too surprised if you find yourself relaxing in your conservatory, enjoying a cool beer or summer cocktail on those dark February evenings.

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