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Introducing the conservatory that thinks itís an extension

Introducing the conservatory that thinks itís an extension

Introducing the conservatory that thinks it’s an extension

Most homeowners give serious though to building an extension or a conservatory; attracted to the extra living space they provide and the extra value added to their homes. But it can be difficult to decide which route to take.

A full house extension will really create a living space area that completely feels like part of your home. But extensions can be every expensive and often require the hassle of gaining planning permission. Conservatories are generally a more affordable hassle-free alternative. Yet despite the bright living spaces they create, they can look and feel a bit like a ‘bolt-on’ to the home rather than a natural extension of it.

However, we can now supply customers the option of fitting a realRoof to their new conservatory. This effectively gives homeowners the best of both worlds; the look, feel and warmth of a house extension, AND the bright airy space, hassle-free construction and affordable price range of a conservatory.

A conservatory that blends seamlessly with the look of your home.

A realRoof is aptly named – it looks just like a ‘real’ roof compared to the typical glazed conservatory roof. It can be ‘dressed’ with almost any type of roof slate or tile to make your new conservatory blend in completely with the rest of your home. And this seamless fusion between the conservatory and the home works on the inside too. The interior of the realRoof comes ready plastered and can be easily painted to be totally in keeping with the rest of the house.

The look and feel of an extension, without the expense and hassle.

The realRoof allows you to easily and quickly create an extra living space in your home – one that to all intents and purposes looks and feels just like a full home extension. However, because you are in effect building a conservatory, in most cases you won’t have to worry about gaining planning permission for your home improvement. The clever design of the realRoof, means it can be installed quickly and easily on your conservatory, without needing to building extra portals or lintels to support it. Furthermore, it is LABC (Local Authority Building Control) approved further minimising any extra building control checks / approvals needed.

Unbeatable thermal performance all year round

One clear advantage of a realRoof over a traditional conservatory roof is its superior thermal efficiency. Its super-insulated design and construction makes the realRoof far more efficient at preventing unwanted heat-loss. Achieving U-values as low as 0.12 W/m²K a realRoof will out-perform both standard building roofs and double-glazed conservatory roofs when it comes to keeping your room warm and your energy bills low. And what’s more, the realRoof will help to ensure your conservatory doesn’t become too hot in the summer sun either.

A new bright spacious living area for your home

Homeowners love the extra space and access to natural light that a quality conservatory brings. The elegant arched vaulted design of a realRoof will instantly give your new living area an even greater sense of height and spaciousness; making the room feel larger and more welcoming. Like many other customers, you may well choose to have your roof fitted with skylight windows to bring extra natural light right into the centre of the room. Or to really open up your new room, why not combine a realRoof with stylish bifold doors for an unbeatable feeling of open spaciousness.

Superior strength and durability from a name you can trust

The realRoof has been developed by UltraFrame, one of the biggest and most respected names in conservatory engineering. For over 30 years, their UK-designed products have been championed by   quality conservatory suppliers such as ourselves.

Each roof is custom made in the UK and is carefully engineered with UltraFrame’s patented box beams and Kingspan Unidek Super Insulated Aero Structural roof panels. This unique construction allows for fast and easy installation on your new conservatory, yet provides incredible strength and durability you can have complete trust in - with each realROOF fully-guaranteed.

We are very excited about supplying this innovative new product. Contact our team today to discuss how a realRoof could give you a beautiful well-insulated conservatory with the feel of a true extension.

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