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Which style of DIY conservatory is right for your home?

Which style of DIY conservatory is right for your home?


Homeowners can easily see the benefits of adding a self-build conservatory to their home. For most people, they are the most cost-effective way to add extra living space to their homes and an appealing environment where home meets garden. A DIY conservatory can also add real cash value to your home too.

But having decided to invest in a conservatory, many customers can quickly become bewildered by the many styles of DIY conservatory design and options available to them. From simple lean-tos to more elaborate Edwardian and Victorian styles, to contemporary designs, it can be difficult to know where to start. Furthermore, that amazing conservatory you saw on another house, in a glossy magazine or lifestyle blog, might not necessarily be the best fit for your home.

What sort of conservatory is best for a small house or small garden?

A Lean-To or Sun Room style conservatory can be a great choice for a small house / garden. These simpler designs add that precious extra living space without the danger of the conservatory dwarfing the house or taking over the garden too much. They also tend to be the most affordable style of conservatory too. We would also recommend a slanted (a roof with a higher “pitch”) or peaked shaped roof where possible; compared to a flat roof, these create a greater feeling of space and airiness in the room without actually taking up extra space from your garden. Whatever style you prefer, your DIY conservatory can easily be configured precisely to your needs; to suit your home and garden perfectly.

Homeowners with period style homes can be a little wary of adding a conservatory, fearing they may compromise the charming character of their home. For many, the elegant styling of an Edwardian, Victorian or Gable End style conservatory would fit well with the character of a period home, especially when choosing a woodgrain finish colour option rather than white uPVC. Alternatively, an orangery, with its greater use of stonework, allows you to make the conservatory really blend into the overall look of the house.

What style of conservatory would suit a more modern house?

A sunroom conservatory marries a contemporary look with traditional styling and can look fantastic with a more modern home. An orangery style conservatory is a very fashionable choice for the modern homeowner, providing a fresh modern take on the traditional conservatory. Bifold doors work well for a modern house, really opening up the home to the garden on a warm day, and roof lanterns really let that natural light come flooding in.

Finally, it is also worth considering how you want to use your new living space.  Some homeowners want their conservatory to be an extension of their home, equipped with soft furnishings and carpets which might be found in other rooms in the house. Others see a conservatory more as a place where the garden fuses with the home – decorated with hard tiled floors and patio style or rattan furniture. These interior design considerations may well be an important influence on the style of DIY conservatory you choose.

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