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Frequently Asked Questions

Select a question below to read the answer, if your question isn't answered here please contact us.


  • Do you offer finance services?

    We do not offer finance facilities, other than payment by credit card. If you need to finance your purchase, we recommend that you arrange a personal loan or remortgage from a competitive source such as your bank or building society. Alternatively, there are hundreds of links obtainable from any search engine.

  • I have seen some conservatories that use connectors between every single window and am concerned about the bulky sightlines this provides.

    This is normally the case for the DIY store standard models as it allows them to keep huge stocks of single frames that are slotted together on installation. All our conservatories are made to order and the number of frame connectors is kept to the absolute minimum to maintain a traditional look. Where we have to use a frame connector on large conservatories it is 4mm wide and not the typical 20mm that are used on standard size panels.

  • Are tie bars necessary?

    The Ultraframe Tie Bar Replacement kit has eliminated many requirements for tie bars on certain size conservatories. If you would prefer not to have a traditional tie bar please ask at time of ordering.

  • Are your doors suitable for wheelchair access?

    We can provide an aluminium low threshold for the door on request to facilitate easy access for a wheel chair.

  • Can I add another door?

    Subject to the size and design of the conservatory, adding another door is possible. Please email the details of your requirements and we will provide a quotation.

  • Can I change my order once I have placed it?

    If you need to amend any details after your order has been placed please contact us straight away. All our products are made to order and any changes you require will be dependant upon the stage of manufacture your order has reached. If your order has not entered production we will be happy to accept your amendment free of charge. If production has already commenced there may be an additional cost involved.

  • Can I change the position of the door?

    During the ordering process you will be able to select the position for your door.

  • Can I order a specific size rather than a standard size?

    Yes – All our conservatories are made to order so we can make to any size, providing of course it is technically possible. Simply select the width and projection above your specific sizes and that’s the price you will pay. Our Special Offers page also feature some popular standard size conservatory models that offer tremendous value for money if you can accomodate the sizes offered.

  • I am not sure if my conservatory design will look right on my property?

    Use our optional View Before You Buy service and we will digitally install your conservatory on your house so you can see what the finished installation will look like - before you buy.

  • I cannot find the design I need can you supply special designs?

    Our web site covers the most popular designs but if you have a requirement that is not shown please email us and we will be happy to provide a bespoke quotation.

  • I have seen a web site that looks very similar to yours and some of the content appears to be identical. Is this company associated with you?

    The polite answer would be NO they are not connected with us in any context other than they have copied and pasted content from our site into theirs rather than create their own original content. I regard most of our competitors as professional businesses but this company doesn't qualify for this term!

  • I notice that all your conservatories show the french doors opening outwards, can I have them opening inwards?

    Most conservatories provide open out doors to allow more space inside the conservatory but you can of course specify open in doors or a patio door if you prefer.

  • If I break a sealed unit will you supply a replacement?

    Sealed units should always be handled with care. If a unit is broken during installation we will be happy to supply a replacement. Please email your requirements and we will provide a price. Payment at time of order will be required.

  • Is there any adjustment on the door hinges?

    We provide 3 flag hinges to each door leaf as standard on our french doors which allow simple adjustment using an allen key for vertical, horizontal and compression adjustment.

  • The specification of your product is far superior to some of those I have seen, how can you afford to sell at these prices?

    TradeConservatories2U only sell from the web site. We do not have expensive overheads to support and all the information about our products is available online rather than in expensive marketing material. These savings are reflected in our very competitive prices.

  • What is the difference between external and internal sizes and what about the cavity size?

    The external size is overall the external brickwork. The internal size refers to the internal frame sizes of the conservatory which are measured from the internal face of the external brickwork, this is where the back edge of the cill will sit and is the critical dimension used for manufacture. The width of the cavity and internal wall can be varied to suit your own requirements.

  • What maintenance will be required?

    Very little. Regular lubrication of locks and fittings will ensure trouble free operation. Clean the PVCu profiles periodically with warm soapy water. Do not use abrasive cleaners as they will damage the surface finish.


  • Can you deliver to overseas destinations?

    We can deliver your order to a UK freight forwarder of your choice for shipment outside the UK at your cost. We have shipped successfully to the Channel Islands, Outer Hebrides, Ireland, Isle of Man, France and Germany using this method.

  • Do you charge for delivery?

    Delivery is free to most mainland UK locations although we reserve the right to charge for delivery to parts of the Scottish Highlands and Cornwall.


  • If any part is damaged or broken during installation can you supply replacements?

    We endeavour to supply any new parts within 24 hours(subject to availability). We will require payment at time of order.

  • What happens if my builder builds the base slightly out of square?

    The base and dwarf wall must be accurately constructed for the conservatory to fit properly. It is essential that walls are square to avoid any installation problems. If you should discover a discrepancy please contact us before attempting installation as we may be able to suggest a cost effective remedy.

  • Will I really save a worthwhile amount opting for a DIY installation?

    Yes - for a typical 3m x 3m conservatory you could save around 5,000 and because you are spending less, the cost will actually reflect in the value of your home much quicker.

  • Will I require planning permission?

    Only your local planning office can confirm your situation. Generally there is no requirement for planning permission in England and Wales but you should confirm this with your local authority prior to commencing any work. The rules for Scotland are different and a building warrant will be required. The golden rule is check with your local authority and ask them to confirm in writing.


  • Can I have a glass roof instead of polycarbonate?

    No problem. Unlike some roofs, Ultraframe roofs are structurally capable of carrying the additional weight of glass sealed units. You can choose between clear or tinted glass and we also offer Pilkington Activ Blue solar control glass option that is also self-cleaning.

  • Can I specify patterned glass for one side of my conservatory?

    Yes - Any Pilkingtons obscure glass can be specified at no extra cost. Be sure to include your requirements in the notes section of your order.

  • Can I vary the height of the dwarf wall brickwork?

    Yes. Whilst we normally offer a standard 600mm height you can specify whatever height you prefer.

  • Do you supply welded bay cills or are they supplied with corner joiners to form the angles?

    All the conservatories featured on our web site are supplied made to order and include welded bay cills as standard for a professional installation. Cills joined by corner jointers are normally only found on the cheaper DIY store standard models because they are less expensive to produce and easier to transport on a pallet.

  • How can I be sure of the quality of your products?

    We only use quality components in the construction of our conservatories. The brand names of Kommerling and Ultraframe are synonymous with quality in the window and conservatory trade market and these products are and have been specified on thousands of installations, not just throughout the UK but including the USA and Europe.

  • I am concerned about discolouration of UPVC over the longer term, what guarantee do you offer?

    It is true to say that there is documented issues with pinking of UPVC profiles due to the lead content of the UPVC compound. Kommerling UPVC is one of the few lead free compounds and cannot discolour and is guaranteed for 20 years.

  • Is the glass safety glass?

    All our conservatories feature toughened safety glass as required and each sealed unit is marked accordingly.

  • Some conservatories feature guttering that cannot be bought anywere else. What happens if I need to replace a damaged section later?

    Ultraframe roofs feature Marley Classic guttering that can be purchased at leading plumbers and builders merchants.

  • What are Low-line glazing gaskets?

    Low-line gaskets eliminate the traditional black lines around the glazing apertures in older UPVC systems. Our Timberlook profiles are designed with Low-line gaskets that are not visible above the profile edge.

  • What is Conservaflash

    All suitable duo pitch Ultraframe roofs can be supplied with their Conservaflash product which eliminates the need to buy traditional lead flashing saving around 75! Conservaflash is not suitable for rendered or stone faced properties.

  • What is Eavesflow trickle ventilation?

    Eavesflow is Ultraframe's patented method of providing adjustable trickle ventilation through the eaves beam and is supplied as standard. It provides controlled secure trickle ventilation to the roof space.

  • What is Triple Shield Double Glazing?

    It is argon gas filled soft-coat Low E glass providing an exceptionally low 1.2 U value which will help retain your costly heat in the Winter. This double glazing out performs Pilkington K glass and also has solar control properties. You can download the Triple Shield fact sheet here.

  • Which is best, a glass roof or polycarbonate roof?

    With the introduction of solar performance glass it would be true to say that glass is fast becoming a popular option as it is less noisy when it rains and offers improved insulation values. Polycarbonate is and always has been a cheaper alternative material, although recent innovations such as Heatguard have improved the performance of this product.

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