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Energy Rated Windows

What are Window Energy Ratings?

Swish A rated windowWindow Energy Ratings(WERs) were launched in 2004 by the British Fenestration Ratings Council(BFRC)as an independent organisation dedicated to improving the energy efficiency of fenestration products including all types of double glazed windows. In 2006 the BFRC became part of the Glass & Glazing Federation with the aim of controlling the appropriate management systems and organisation being developed to cope with the increased demand for energy ratings.

Although at the current time the scheme is voluntary the results are normally accepted as proof that your new windows energy efficiency complies with current building regulations requirements. WERs also make it much easier for you to choose windows with the ultimate thermal efficiency by using the same A - G traffic light colour system displayed on new electrical white goods such as fridges, freezers and washing machines.

The window is rated based on the results of rigorous testing by the BFRC which measures the window's efficiency in:

  • Heat retention
  • Weatherproofing
  • Sound Insulation
  • Resistance to condensation

The testing results classify the performance of the product with the A rating being the highest available.  Windows graded below a C rating are not classed as energy saving.

With ever increasing fuel costs and the desired reduction in carbon emmissions energy efficient double glazing should now be high on everyone's requirements and the new Window Energy Ratings are a simple way for you to make an informed choice on the most energy efficient windows for your home.

Energy rated windows help to reduce your CO2 emmissions and save energy as they will reduce heat loss by 20%.


Timberlook A Rated uPVC Windows

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Our Timberlook upvc window acheived an A Rating which is the highest rating available in the UK for a double glazed window.

Thermal Transmittance (U window) = 1.3W/m2.K

Solar Factor (G window) = 0.41

Effective Air Leakage (L factor) = 0.00W/m2.K


All our A rated windows will carry this certificate confirming that they are manufactured to the required specification.

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Innovative Energy Efficient Window Design


uPVC Profile & Reinforcing

timberlook windowOur A rated Timberlook window is manufactured from Kommerling and Aluplast uPVC profiles which feature a five chamber fully sculptured Ovolo design and utilises thermally efficient RCM reinforcing instead of steel or aluminium reinforcing. RCM stands for Recycled Composite Material which is a product of post consumer and post industrial waste PVCu offering improved thermal insulation with a life cycle of 35 years. RCM is an excellent insulation material and is less conductive than steel or aluminium increasing thermal efficiency.

This innovative reinforcement product is 100% recycled which means that PVCu windows that have reached the end of their life can now be processed into a raw material that can be used to make new PVCu windows. This system is known as Closed Loop Recycling so not only is our new A rated Timberlook window perfect for your home it is also perfect for the enviroment.


Enviromentally Friendly

The Kommerling and Aluplast uPVC brands are highly respected in the trade and have been connected with the UK home improvement market for over forty years. The combination of innovative components like RCM reinforcement mean that the range can acheive a 22% recycled material rating for most window applications and up to 30% for newbuild projects.  This exceeds the BRE's target of 20% and is amongst the highest levels in the industry.


Double Glazed Sealed Units

improve WEROur A rated uPVC window features SGG Planitherm® high performance low-emissitivity glass renown for it's neutral appearance and very effectively reflects heat back into a room whilst also maximising solar gain and natural light transmission.  Double glazed sealed units are manufactured using an energy efficient Swisspacer or 'warm-edge' spacer bar manufactured from special fibreglass composite material that is much more efficient and less conductive than traditional aluminium spacer bars.


Coloured Windows, Doors and Conservatories

woodgrain colour options


The launch of our new A rated uPVC window suite also sees the introduction of an extended range of woodgrain colour options which in addition to traditional light oak and rosewood woodgrains now includes woodgrain foiled white, cream, pine, light green and dark green options to the external face with smooth white internally. All A rated energy efficient windows are available in any of these colours.

cream lean to conservatory


NEW Triple Glazed A+ windows

We also offer a complete range of triple glazed energy rated A+ Aluplast upvc windows and doors all available in our extended colour range. Download the fact sheet by clicking the link below.

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