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  • Introducing the conservatory that thinks itís an extension
    Introducing the conservatory that thinks itís an extension Posted 14th December 2015 in Blog

    Most homeowners give serious though to building an extension or a conservatory; attracted to the extra living space they provide and the extra value added to their homes. But it can be difficult to decide which route to take.

    A full house extension will really create a living space area that completely feels like part of your home. But extensions can be every expensive and often require the hassle of gaining planning permission. Conservatories are generally a more affordable hassle-free alternative. Yet despite the bright living spaces they create, they can look and feel a bit like a ‘bolt-on’ to the home rather than a natural extension of it.

    However, we can now supply customers the option of fitting a realRoof to their new conservatory. This effectively gives homeowners the best of both worlds; the look, feel and warmth of a house extension, AND the bright airy space, hassle-free construction and affordable price range of a conservatory.

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  • UltraSky Roof Lantern
    UltraSky Roof Lantern Posted 9th May 2015 in Products

    uPVC and Aluminium Contemporary Roof Lanterns

    The new UltraSky roof lantern from Ultraframe allows maximum light to flood into your room by eliminating the need for intermediate rafters.

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