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DIY Conservatories

  • Replace your old conservatory
    Replace your old conservatory Posted 12th September 2013 in DIY Conservatories

    Many homeowners have a redundant conservatory attached to their home which is never used because it’s cold and draughty in the winter and more like a sauna on a hot summer’s day.

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  • Refurbish an existing conservatory
    Refurbish an existing conservatory Posted 22nd November 2012 in DIY Conservatories

    With around 3 million conservatories installed in the UK you may well be the owner of a tired, worn out conservatory that is probably shut off from your main home or just used for storage.  It may be a conservatory you inherited when you bought your house or it might be one you bought from Wickes or B & Q a few years back that hasn't quite lived up to expectations.

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  • Contemporary Conservatories
    Contemporary Conservatories Posted 9th September 2010 in DIY Conservatories

    Conservatories have long been regarded as the affordable route to extending your home with minimum outlay and the latest generation of construction methods and glazing innovations ensure that they can now be used all year round providing they are ordered to the correct specifications.

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  • Conservatories and building regulations
    Conservatories and building regulations Posted 25th February 2010 in DIY Conservatories

    Conservatories are currently exempt from building regulations subject to certain criteria such as the position, size and intended use of the conservatory.  However there are changes being proposed..

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  • DIY Conservatories add space and value
    DIY Conservatories add space and value Posted 19th February 2010 in DIY Conservatories

    Self build conservatories are a very cost effective solution of adding a conservatory to your home and offer superb value for money especially if you are happy to undertake the installation yourself.

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