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Before you order your conservatory you should:

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  • Decide what the main purpose of the conservatory will be - dining area, extension to the lounge, children's playroom will all need different considerations.
  • Decide on the appropriate design that will suit your property.
  • Decide on the size of the conservatory.
  • Decide whether you require a dwarf wall or full height glazing.
  • Check that there are no height restrictions, particularly with regard to bungalows or an existing flat roof extension (a double hipped conservatory will normally provide the best solution).
  • Lay out the conservatory in your garden to visualise the finished floor area.
  • Consider ordering extra vents and perhaps a roof vent if your property is south facing to provide plenty of ventilation in the summer months.
  • Consider the type of floor required i.e., laminate, tiles etc.
  • Visit our Climate Control page and decide on the electrical accessories required i.e., fans, air conditioning units and heaters.
  • Carry out some preliminary enquiries with builders regarding cost of the base.

Victorian internal imageIn general terms you should always aim for the largest conservatory your budget will allow and do not be tempted to go for the cheapest specification you find, especially if you want to use the conservatory as an all year extension to your home. Buying a cheap DIY conservatory with a low specification may look like a bargain-buy now but you may not be able to use it on hot summer days due to excessive heat build-up and you may also find it very expensive to keep warm in the winter through excessive heat loss.

Finally, do consider discussing the project with your neighbours to avoid any potential issues arising during or after the installation. If your property in semi detached, this can be particularly important if you are considering building on or near the boundary. For instance, if the guttering from your newly installed conservatory overhangs your neighbour's garden there is a potential building control issue here.

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