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Why pay more when you can build your own Conservatory?

Why pay more when you can build your own Conservatory?

The affordable solution to adding a luxurious extra space to your home.

The benefits of adding a conservatory to a home are well known. Unless you live in a palace, any home will benefit from the bright, airy and comfortable extra living space a well-designed conservatory can bring. Your conservatory is the ideal place to relax with the family, enjoy views of your garden (whatever the weather), and will instantly add to the market value of your home.

However, although a conservatory can be an excellent investment, the cost of buying one through a traditional conservatory or glazing company can be staggering. With their army of sharp-suited sales reps, traditional conservatory companies add considerably to the price through commissions, unfavourable finance deals, overheads and the mandatory use of in-house building staff. These extra costs quickly make adding that beautiful new conservatory beyond the reach of many homeowners, especially in these uncertain money-conscious times.

So it is really not surprising that more and more homeowners are choosing the smart option of a self-build D.I.Y. conservatory as a far more affordable way of bringing that desirable extra living space to their homes.

Choosing a self-build DIY conservatory can give you a beautifully-designed conservatory constructed from the highest-quality materials and built to the highest standards - but with the benefit of considerable savings (typically saving many £1000s).

Your conservatory will be fully made-to-measure according to your exact requirements. Choosing from many different styles (including Edwardian, Victorian or a simple lean-to), your conservatory can be made to a size and shape that fits your house, garden and lifestyle perfectly.

A high quality DIY conservatory delivers the best in security features, provides excellent temperature regulation (insulation, ventilation and anti-glare) to keep your conservatory at a perfect comfortable temperature all year round, and is built to deal with the worst of the British weather, year after year.

With everything you need delivered straight to your door, your DIY conservatory is quick and easy to install and comes with comprehensive easy-to-follow instructions.

Alternatively, you may prefer to contract a builder of your choice (you will still make considerable savings) or take advantage of our Homefix service (putting you in touch with a network of trusted and experienced conservatory installers within your area).

If you have any questions about adding a beautifully designed but affordable conservatory to your home, please get in touch.

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