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Climate Control For Conservatories

Conservatory Glazing Designed For Year-round Comfort

An essential consideration for all conservatories during our long hot summers must be how to control the climate inside the conservatory especially if it is subject to prolonged spells of direct sunlight. Direct heat from the sun will rapidly increase the temperature inside the conservatory to unbearable levels and could even prevent you from using your new living space on a hot summer's day.

conservatory interiorStaycool Glass is supplied as standard to the windows and doors of our conservatories and reflects 57% of solar heat whilst reducing glare by 35% and has no visible tint. Choose a glass roof and our Staycool solar control self cleaning roof glass has a subtle green tint that will reflect 78% of direct heat from the sun and reduce glare by 68%.

staycool logoStaycool glass is the latest glazing innovation specifically designed for conservatories and has been proven to reduce the temperature of a glass roof conservatory by 20o F compared to Pilkington K and Anti-sun glass.

Staycool glass not only protects you from heat and glare but the roof glass also provides 94% more protection against UV light than standard glass protecting your furniture and flooring from the ‘bleaching' effect of direct sunlight.

Staycool conservatory glazing offers the ultimate protection against solar gain helping to maintain a comfortable environment inside the conservatory during the summer months. Thanks to its exceptionally low 1.0 U value Staycool conservatory roof glass also helps retain your valuable heat in the colder months of the year by reflecting warmth back into the room.

You can further enhance the climate by adding Shades conservatory roof blinds or adding our air conditioning system which provides full automatic climate control with ice cool air in the summer and heating in the winter.


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