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Blinds for conservatories

Conservatory Blinds

Roof blinds provide privacy and shading


Conservatory blindsMany customers choosing a glass roof for their conservatory will decide to add roof blinds at some point after installation whether it is to enhance privacy if their property is overlooked or to provide additional shade from direct sunlight.  The latest tinted solar control glass roofs such as Aqua Green offer up to 78% reflection of heat from direct sunlight but if the conservatory faces south protection from the glare of the sun will also be an important consideration.

Conservatory roof blinds used to be limited to face fixed blinds secured to the internal roof claddings using a series of nylon wires.  These systems do offer protection and shade from the sun but there are usually gaps between each glazing aperture allowing some sunlight through and also allowing insects to get trapped behind the blinds. 

Shades logoIn January this year we launched the UltraframeShades range of conservatory blinds which provides a cost effective and fully integrated conservatory roof blind  solution.  This innovative shading product has quickly become a favourite with our customers as it provides an easy option for roof blinds to be added at a later date.

ShadesAvailable only with the Ultraframe Classic Plus roof Shades panels fit neatly into a concealed track system provided by the deeper internal claddings to the rafters and ridge which are a feature of Classic Plus allowing individual panels to be easily fitted to the conservatory roof including complicated shapes that are usually a feature of many traditional conservatory roof styles. 

Shades roof blinds are available in a choice of 22 fabrics and 13 natural wood weave designs offering various levels of light transmission and protection from direct sunlight.  Rectangular panels are available in a choice of fixed one piece panels or horizontally split panels that can be opened or closed.  You can choose to add Shades roof blinds to the whole of your conservatory roof or just part and they can easily be removed for cleaning or storage in the winter if required.

To fit Shades roof blinds to your new conservatory you will need to select the upgrade to the Classic Plus roof at the time of order as Shades are not compatible with the standard Classic roof.  You can order your Shades at the time of ordering your conservatory or after the installation has been completed as all the sizes for your roof are on record and no measurements need to be confirmed. 

Shades are delivered in made to measure kit form ready for quick and easy assembly.  The panels are designed with sufficient flexibility to enable easy fitting by simply twisting individual panels to spring into place.



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