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8 Facts You Might Not Know About Christmas Dinner

8 Facts You Might Not Know About Christmas Dinner


According to research carried out by Morrison’s the ingredients for our Christmas dinner take 295 days to prepare before they are ready to eat.


Food Network UK carried out a study where it found that it takes us 47 years to perfect the art of making Christmas dinner. It also found that 33% of people never manage to cook a Christmas dinner without a mishap.


Over the festive period the average Brit will gain 7lbs according to the British Dietetic Association. Having a calorie packed Christmas Dinner can lead to tiredness and the temptation of chocolates and mince pies can get the better of us.


If you are looking for an excuse to avoid sprouts this Christmas then the L'Oreal Research Centre have found the perfect one. They state that hatred of Brussels Sprouts is genetic and the gene is carried by 70% of us.


It is estimated that around 76% of us will serve up Turkey as the centre piece of our Christmas dinner, however, Turkey is relatively new to the Christmas dinner and was considered a luxury right up until the 1950s.


In the 14th Century Christmas Pudding was more like a stodgy porridge which contained beef and mutton. Breadcrumbs and eggs were later added as well as dried fruits and spices to make it more like the pudding we eat today.


Thomas Smith invented the Christmas Cracker when he was trying to sell French Novelty Christmas gifts. He had no luck until he wrapped them up in what is now known as the cracker and added a snap.


In early England the traditional Christmas dinner was very different, instead of the now common turkey they would serve the head of a pig prepared with mustard.

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