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Ways to Improve First Impressions of Your Home

Ways to Improve First Impressions of Your Home

Ways to Improve First Impressions of Your Home

When entering someone's property for the first time we all do it, make a judgement about that person based on the first impressions of their house. So here are some tips to help improve that first impression of your home.

Front Garden

The front garden is the first thing people will see so you need to make sure it's tidy. Cutting the grass can make your garden seem bigger and more spacious, while adding flowers makes guests feel welcome. If you have a driveway that guests have to walk up to get to the house be sure to fill in any cracks.

Front Door

The front door is a central point of the house and impressions are made about the whole house based on the front door. Some estate agents say that a neatly painted door with a smart letterbox and doorknob/handle can increase the value of the property by up to 10%. We also recommend adding lighting around the front door as this adds an element of security around the property.


When first stepping into the house there should be minimal clutter making the house appear moire spacious and tidy. If you have the time a fresh coat of paint can also work wonders in making rooms look fresh and bright. Placing an accessory such as a mirror in the entranceway can make the room appear bigger as well as reflecting light around the room.


If you have achieved all of the above and your house is pleasing on the eye it is just as important to make sure that it smells nice. Bad smells when walking through the front door will instantly give people a bad impression so light some scented candles or put on a fresh pot of coffee, this should really help to entice people in and give them a fantastic first impression.

Conservatory/Light Room

Making the house as light as possible will instantly create a good first impression. If you have a conservatory or a room where natural light floods in this should be the focal point of the house. Natural light increases a persons mood state therefore a conservatory is an ideal place for entertaining guests.

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