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The Best Plants to Use in Your Conservatory

The Best Plants to Use in Your Conservatory

The Best Plants to Use in Your Conservatory

Conservatories are the perfect way to enjoy your garden even when the great British weather is doing all it can to spoil your fun.

One thing that can make your conservatory become your favourite room in the house is the plants that you use inside it. But which plants should you use? Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees work perfectly in conservatories, and you don't have to worry about them taking up all the space with their size. Focus on small varieties that you can grow from pots, and you will instantly add colour and a wonderfully zesty aroma to your room.

Lemon, orange and lime trees are ideal, and you will find that these can sometimes produce fruit a few times during the year. Small oranges are perfect for adding colour as well as a useful ingredient in your cooking. Lemon trees can sometimes produce fruit up to four times a year and again they will add lots of colour. In the summer you could place them outdoors on your patio and then bring them in during the colder months.


Herbs are another great option if you want to add colour, aroma and something that you can use in your cooking. You can grow practically any herbs in your conservatory and they are easy to care for. Consider putting one area of the room aside for oregano, sage, thyme, coriander and anything else you want to add.


Climbers are a great option for the conservatory and they can help to add some colour to the walls. One of the best plants to use is Jasmine, which has a delightful white bloom through the summer months and releases a wonderful fragrance. These work best in the sunshine, so perhaps you could use it in your south-facing conservatory.

Unusual Plants

Why not focus on some more unusual additions in your conservatory? For example, cacti come in hundreds of varieties. Not only do some cacti look intriguing and unusual, but they are also low maintenance, making them a perfect option for new gardeners.

Or how about the classic Venus Fly Trap? This infamous plant will add some exoticism to your conservatory, and could prove to be an interesting feature. It will also help to keep the flies at bay during the summer.

Other Good Options

There is an almost endless range of plants that you can use in your conservatory, and it really depends upon your own style and what you want to achieve. However, some other options could include:

  • - Hibiscus, a heat-loving plant that is perfect for south-facing conservatories.
  • - Bougainvilleas, flowering plants that come in a wide range of vibrant colours and remain in bloom most of the year.
  • - Clivia, which comes in many varieties and adds vibrant orange and yellow to your conservatory during spring and autumn.
  • - Snail Vine, an attractive evergreen climber that flowers in the summer.

Choose a Range of Plants for Your Conservatory

Conservatories should be filled with plants if you want to create a room in your home that is colourful and bursting with natural aromas. Your conservatory is the perfect place to sit in the summer or winter, and by surrounding yourself with plants you can really help to bring the outside inside.

As the specialists in DIY conservatories we are well placed to provide advice and guidance on all things relating to conservatories. So start creating your plant collection for your conservatory, using a variety of plants in pots and baskets as well as up the walls, and get imaginative with the plants you use to create the perfect look and feel for your conservatory.

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