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Planning Permission

Edwardian internal photoPlanning Permission


With effect from 1st October 2008 adding a conservatory to your home will be considered as permitted development and not requiring planning permission subject to certain limits and restrictions which include:

  • Maximum depth of a single storey rear extension of 3 metres for an attached house and 4 metres for a detached house
  • Maximum height of a single storey rear extension of 4 metres
  • Maximum eaves height of an extension within 2 metres of boundary of 3 metres
  • Maximum eaves and ridge height of extension to be no higher than existing house
  • More than half the land around the "original house" would be covered by additions or other buildings

*Note that the term "existing house" refers to the house as originally built and does not include additions made by you or previous owners of the property.

The above extracts are from the Planning Portal web site which contains detailed information about these changes in planning permission and many other tools to assist you with your self build conservatory project.

If your home is a listed property or built on designated land such as an area of outstanding natural beauty consent will be required from the appropriate bodies.


In Scotland you will require a building warrant before commencing any work even if planning permission is not required. You will find some helpful resources by following these links:

Scottish Borders Council
The Scottish Government Website.
Planning Procedure in Scotland

This information is provided for guidance only and is not intended to be a definitive guide to planning regulations. We strongly recommend that you check and confirm the requirements for adding a new conservatory to your home with your local authority prior to commencing construction.

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