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Conservatory Cleaning

Conservatory Cleaning & Maintenance

All conservatories require some very basic cleaning and maintenance throughout the year to ensure they retain their fresh appearance over time.  There are specialist companies who will provide a bespoke cleaning service for you but if you prefer the do it yourself approach the following are the three main considerations.

Important: The use of a power washer is not recommended for cleaning conservatories as it could damage some components and weather seals.

Conservatory Frames

The conservatory roof structure, window and door frames should be washed down two or three times a year using a mild soap water solution which will help remove any surface grime and atmospheric deposits.  Any stubborn marks on the frames, guttering or roof cappings can normally be removed using a non-abrasive cleaner such as CIF which will not damage the surface finish.


The double glazed sealed units supplied for the windows, doors and optionally the conservatory roof are supplied with a self-clean coating which uses daylight and rainwater to break down organic dirt keeping the glass cleaner.  However, some stubborn marks may need removing with a propriatary glass cleaner and to ensure the integrity of the self-clean coating you should ensure that you only use products from the approved cleaning agents list.  These products have been specifically tested and approved by the manufacturers to ensure they do not damage the self-clean coating which is designed to last for the life of the glass.

conservatory cleaningWhen working on the roof we recommend the use of crawl boards or specialist ladders that spread the load over multiple glazing bars.




Conservatory guttering will often contain standing water which is perfectly normal since the guttering system is fitted level.  It is important that gutters and box gutters are cleaned regularly to ensure the freeflow of water around the guttering to the down pipe.  This is particularly important in Autumn and Winter when guttering can often be clogged up with leaves and other debris.

Locks, Handles & Hinges

Regular lubrication is required to ensure that the handles, hinges and locks of your conservatory windows and doors continue to operate with ease.  Use a light machine oil such as WD40 to lubricate all moving parts a couple of times a year.

Ultraframe Conservatory Maintenance Guide

You can download the full Ultraframe guide to maintaining your new conservatory for more detailed information.


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