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Concealed Trickle Vents

Available now on all upvc and aluminium windows and doors


To comply with current building regulations most windows and doors require the specification to include trickle vents to allow background ventilation into habitable rooms.  

Until now this meant ugly face fixed trickle vents were either fitted to the top of opening window sashes or fitted to the top of the frame spoiling the aesthetics and slim sight lines of the window or door.

However we have now introduced new additional profiles to both our upvc and aluminium product ranges that fully conceal the trickle vents from view maintaining the visual appearance of your new windows or door whilst also providing a weather bar for the top of the product enhancing the performance.

Aluminium Windows, Entrance Doors and Folding Doors

Our aluminium products are now supplied with a unique and exclusive 42mm head extension that fully integrates the trickle ventilators so they are hidden from view.


 42mm frame extender and weather bar  concealed trickle ventilation
 aluminium window with concealed trickle vents  aluminium bifold door with concealed trickle vents



uPVC Windows, Entrance Doors and Folding Doors

Our uPVC product range is now supplied with an additional profile that is simply fixed to the frame head and acts as both a weather bar whilst also concealing the trickle vents.


 concealed trickle vent  weather bar profile
 Concealed Trickle Vents  window with concealed trickle vents


Now there is no need to spoil the look of your new windows and doors with unsightly trickle vents.



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