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Christmas Holiday

We will close for Christmas at 12pm on 20th December and

re-open at 9am on 6th January 2019. Merry Christmas to all!

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Gable End Conservatories

Also known as Pavillion Conservatories

Pavillion conservatoryGable End conservatories are a variant of the Edwardian conservatory and use the same basic square or rectangluar footprint but instead of the front of the roof sloping back it is upright like the gable end of a house. This flat gable front helps to maximise the natural light flowing into the conservatory and can be supplied in a variety of different styles such as sunburst or horizontal mullions.



gable end conservatory Sunburst Gable End light oak gable end
Gable End Conservatory(Mullions) Sunburst Gable End Conservatory Light Oak Gable End Conservatory


More images of Gable End Conservatories in our gallery

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