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As a leading DIY conservatory supplier we can supply you with whatever design you are looking for, providing of course, it is technically possible. Our conservatory design team will provide you with full CAD drawings of your conservatory with your detailed quotation. You are free to make changes to the design of the conservatory until you are completely happy with the finished result.


Spanish Lean To Conservatories

Spanish Lean ToAlso referred to as a Gullwing this conservatory features splay segments on the two corners creating a wide bay area and provides a hipped roof but with no central ridge. A popular choice with customers who are looking for something a little more interesting than a traditional Lean to conservatory.

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Spanish Victorian Conservatories

Spanish VictorianA popular choice offering conventional Victorian styling but with a wider central bay segment to provide increased floor space.  The roof detail follows traditional Victorian values and a double hipped version is also possible for joining properties where a height restriction exists.

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Traditional Lean To Conservatories

Traditional Lean ToAlso know as a Mediteranean sunroom the lean to has long been considered the cheapest style of conservatory by those seeking a budget design.  Whilst it is true that a low pitch of 2.5 degrees and polycarbonate roof will provide a very affordable conservatory the lean to can also be considerably enhanced by increasing the pitch of the roof to 10 degrees and adding a glass roof to create a stylish, modern home extension structure.

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Edwardian Conservatories

EdwardianOffering a square or rectangular foot print the Edwardian conservatory style provides maximum use of internal floor space whilst the roof has a central ridge and sloping front helping to provide a spacious and vaulted feel, allowing natural light to flood into the structure.  Also referred to some as a Georgian style of conservatory it is also available with a rear box gutter and often used as a double hipped design when fitted to bungalows where height restrictions apply.

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Victorian Conservatories

VictorianMost people associate the Victorian style as the original conservatory design dating from hundreds of years ago. Available with either 3 or 5 facets to the front the traditional styling suits older properties and creates a rounder shape to the front which gives the structure a classic styling.  Depending on the actual width of the conservatory it may be possible to position french doors in one of the front segments.

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Gable End Conservatories

Gable EndAlso referred to as Pavillion conservatories the Gable End style has a flat front creating a high roof feel whilst the square foot print maximises the use of the floor space. The front gable shaped frame can be supplied in many variants including the mullion style shown here and on wide spans will be supplied with gable support beams to aid structural stabiltiy.

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P Shape Conservatories

P Shape EdwardianP shape Edwardian or Victorian conservatories are often selected for large span designs and provide the opportunity to create two seperate areas that can be used for a dining room and a lounge area where you can enjoy views of your garden.

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Bespoke Designs

Here are just a few designs from our bespoke order files to illustrate the use of full height and ¾ height walls, box gutters and non-standard frame designs...

2 sided Edwardian double hipped edwardian light oak georgian
bay edwardian wide bay victorian  

Double hipped conservatories

double hipped conservatory

If you have a height restriction where the conservatory will join the house wall such as an upstairs window or you are adding the conservatory to a bungalow below the soffit then you will need to reduce the height of the roof at this point.

georgian with folding doorThis is simply and elegantly acheived by adding another hip to the rear of the roof which will incorporate a box gutter. Double hipped conservatories can be supplied in most styles including Edwardian, Victorian, Gable End and most combination conservatories such as the popular P shape.

For more ideas on styles visit our Order Online page. Alternatively, if you have decided on the size and style you require simply fill out our online conservatory quote form and we will send you a detailed quotation and a free CAD drawing.

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