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Pincer locking system

High Security as standard.

All our conservatories feature the latest Pincer high security locking system fitted as standard to all opening sashes.

Pincer locking systemPrecision engineering provides smooth, effortless operation. With a simple turn of the handle the unique gearbox activates up to four pairs of high strength ‘mushroom pincers' simultaneously driving each pincer into a double-sided security striker from opposite directions.

This double action locking means that any attempt to force one pincer out of its closed position merely forces the opposing pincers deeper into their strikers, strengthening rather the weakening the system's security.

When tested to BS 7950 destruction failure occurred at a force of 7.8kn. The force applied to pass BS7950 test is between 1kn and 3kn.


Pincer locking systemFor peace of mind £1,000 towards costs and repairs is provided by the manufacturer in the event that entry is gained through opening sashes fitted with Pincer locking.

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