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Double glazing

Conservatory Glass For Year-Round Comfort

Double glazingOur PREMIER range of made to measure DIY conservatories features Staycool solar control glass as standard to the side frames and optionally to the roof.

STAYCOOL glass not only protects you from direct solar heat and reflects glare during the summer but this innovative conservatory roof glazing provides a 1.0 U-value ensuring maximum heat retention during the winter.

solar control roof glassGetting the most out of your new conservatory is a crucial consideration when deciding on the specification for the double glazing in the roof and side frames.  Our STAYCOOL glass is designed to provide superior solar control benefits whilst at the same time providing an energy efficient glazing so you can be confident of utilising your new extended living space all year round.


STAYCOOL Roof Glazing 1.0 U-value

STAYCOOL roof glazing uses the latest solar control glass technology to reflect 78% of solar heat away from the conservatory roof. It's subtle green tint reduces the glare of the sun by 68% and the external surface of the roof glass is self-cleaning.  This premium double glazing also provides a 1.0 U value maximising heat retention during the winter.

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STAYCOOL Side Frame Glazing

STAYCOOL double glazing in the windows and door of your new conservatory also provide solar control properties reflecting 57% of direct heat from the sun and reducing glare by 35%.  In addition this energy efficient double glazing has a 1.1 U-value and will retain maximum heat during the colder months of the year helping to keep the internal temperature more comfortable.  Conservatories supplied with polycarbonate roofs are also supplied with STAYCOOL glass in the windows and door for maximum insulation during the winter.

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STAYCOOL glass will reduce the internal temperature of a glass roof conservatory on hot summer days by 20of when compared to Pilkington K and antisun glass.

UV Light Protection

Staycool glass


STAYCOOL glass also provides superb protection against UV light which can discolour or fade your furnishings and flooring especially in South and West facing conservatories.  STAYCOOL roof glass virtually eliminates UV light providing 94% protection and the side frame glazing nearly 30% more protection than standard glass.  STAYCOOL double glazing does not have a high solar heat gain and it's solar control external glass reflects direct heat from the sun and UV rays to ensure your conservatory is cooler in the summer.

For more details on Staycool glass visit our Climate Control page.


Conservatories are a permanent extension to your living space

Our range of high specification conservatories are designed for use throughout the year and solar control double glazing ensures that your new home extension is a comfortable area for you to relax and enjoy your garden at all times.  Choosing a glass roof is the optimum solution to maintaining a pleasant enviroment in your new living space regardless of the time of year.

Double glazing

 In the winter

Solar control double glazing reflects your generated heat back into the conservatory to keep you warmer and minimise your energy bills.

Double glazing

 In the summer

Solar control double glazing reflects direct solar heat and UV rays to keep you cooler and provide protection against discolouration of fabrics and flooring.


Don't let your new living space become a no-go area...

At the present time most conservatories are exempt from Building Regulations so with no enforced standards for conservatory glass many suppliers still provide cheaper standard air filled glass sealed units that do not incorporate any type of heat reflecting glass  to retain heat in the winter or offer any protection against solar heat in the summer.  You should think carefully before accepting such a low specification conservatory as any saving you may make now is likely to be offset by increased winter heating bills and during the summer the conservatory could prove virtually unuseable due to excessive internal high temperatures.


Please visit our Insulation Values page for important facts that you need to consider to ensure that your conservatory will be a year round extension to your home. Choosing a basic specification cheap conservatory could mean that you are unable to utilise it on hot summer days and you could find it very expensive to keep it warm in the winter.

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