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Alternative Base

Conservatory Steel Base

Durabase logoAs an alternative base solution to traditional concrete footings we are proud to partner with Durabase one of the UK's leading supplier of steel bases suitable for most conservatories.

An Durabase steel conservatory base provides a cost effective and highly insulated alternative base for self build conservatories without the hassle and inconvenience of requiring builders on site. This advanced conservatory base system has been developed over 20 years and is supplied with the manufacturer's no quibble fifteen year guarantee.

A conventional concrete base will require footing excavation, may involve re-positioning of underground drains and of course, a bricklayer to build your dwarf wall. In terms of materials you will need to hire a skip to dispose of the many barrow loads of soil that need to be removed from the site and replaced with many barrow loads of concrete. As an example, for a typical 4m x 3.5m conservatory you could need:

  • Concrete for foundations = 0.5 cubic metres
  • Concrete for raising floor level = 1.6 cubic metres
  • Aggregate = 2.3 tonnes
  • Sand for building screen = 0.9 tonnes
  • Bricks for dwarf wall = 303


Day 1

digging the pads

Because of its unique steel frame, the Durabse Conservatory Base System requires a minimal amount of digging. All that is required is a series of small concrete pads.

No need for large scale excavations, soil removal, cement mixing and tonnes of aggregate to back fill. Also the lack of disruption to the garden is another great consideration.

concrete pads completed


Day 2

assembling the base

The frame is assembled, levelled and bolted to the exterior wall. The modular dwarf walls are then bonded and bolted to the frame (not required if glass is going to be full height).

These walls come in various real clay brick, stone or rendered finishes to match the existing house. By the end of day 2 you are ready to start installing your new self build conservatory!

dwarf walls fitted


Day 3-4

installing windows

The conservatory windows, doors and roof are fitted as they would be in a conventional conservatory installation.

Electrics and central heating pipes can be easily concealed within the specially designed wall cavity in the modular wall base system.

structure completed


Day 5

installing floor

Under floor insulation and the conservatory floor is now fitted. The suspended floor is ideal for under floor heating.

Walls are fitted with additional insulation if required and the internal wall panels are fitted. You can choose brickwork or plaster internal wall surfaces.

brick slips fitted
installing dwarf walls


Day 6

tidying garden

The final trim is fixed to the conservatory and bridging tiles pointed with the supplied cement mix ensuring a perfect colour match to the rest of the wall.

Surrounding ground is made good (soil, patio, crazy paving etc).

Final clean up and your new DIY conservatory is finished and ready for use.

fitting trims


Watch the full conservatory base installation video

You can also download the Durabase Installation Guide and
Instabuild Specification Guide from our Downloads page.

Alternative Base12 Very Good Reasons For Choosing a Durabase for your New Self Build Conservatory

1. Conforms to building regulations.
2. Totally indistinguishable from a conventional build.
3. Can be carried through house when no rear access available.
4. No skips needed to remove soil, as no major earthworks are required.
5. No builders required.
6. Manufactured to exact sizes, so conservatory will always fit.
7. Standard base and walls will take about 2 days to complete.
8. Can be fitted over existing patios. (no need to dig up tons of concrete.)
9. Manholes and drains can be left in place.
10. Moisture resistant wooden floor means no waiting for concrete to cure.
11. Dozens of brick finishes, plus render and pebbledash options.
12. Fifteen year no quibble guarantee.

Download Instabuild Modular Wall Detail pdf here.


Three options for Durabase Conservatory Bases

Modular Dwarf Wall Full Height Glazing Traditional Brickwork
dwarf wall model full height glazing model base for brickwork
This model is supplied with factory built steel dwarf wall cassettes. For conservatories where no dwarf wall is required. This model supports the use of traditional brickwork.

Download the Instabuild base ordering guidelines to help you survey the site prior to ordering.



brickwork imageThe external dwarf walls and the skirt of the conservatory base can be faced with real brick tiles and mortar to match the brickwork of your house and you can of course specify brick tiles for the internal surface as an alternative to plasterboard. An aperture can also be provided to allow you to fit a dwarf wall air conditioning unit if required.


View our brickwork options here.


Other external finish options

Bases can also be supplied with modular walls ready for render or pebbledash finish to be applied on site.


Durabase supported for traditional brickwork

For customers who would prefer traditional brick built dwarf walls there is also an Instabuild base supported for brickwork as shown here.

base in position brickwork being built
conservatory installation starts completed conservatory


Whether it's an Edwardian conservatory, Victorian conservatory or a simple Lean to conservatory we can supply a Durabase to suit. They are available for full height glazing or dwarf wall conservatories and are made to order so unlike some brickwork, will be square and accurately built ensuring your conservatory is a perfect fit.

Each steel base is manufactured specifically for your new DIY UPVC conservatory and preassembled in the factory. Each component is clearly marked for ease of identification before the base is packed for transportation.

We will normally program your base to arrive a week prior to delivery of your conservatory to provide you with the opportunity to install the base before the frames and roof are delivered. This will help minimise the amount of storage required on site and reduce any possible damage.

A two man installation team will install the base in under 2 days following the simple step-by-step Instabuild Base Assembly Instructions. You can download a copy of these directly from our Downloads Page.

You can also download the Durabase Ordering Guidelines to help you survey your site.

Here is a summary of the main advantages an Instabuild conservatory base has over conventional base construction:

  • No builders required.
  • Custom made to meet your requirements.
  • Site disruption reduced to a minimum.
  • Installation couldn't be quicker or easier.
  • No large scale excavations. No soil removal.
  • No need for tonnes of aggregate for backfilling.
  • No need for large scale cement mixing or building work.
  • Ideal where site access is difficult, uneven or sloping.
  • No need to move manholes or drains.
  • Can be installed all year round , no bad weather hold-ups.
  • Can be built over existing patios or on flat roofs and balconies.
  • Integral insulation ensures warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • Conforms to building regulations and designed to BSI Standards.

dwarf wall brickwork

"I can't believe it's not real brickwork!" said Alan Moore from Basildon after installing his conservatory using a Durabase steel base.

As leading UK suppliers of self build conservatories we are pleased to offer the Durabase conservatory base system as the alternative solution to a traditional concrete base. It's easier and faster and once installed you will not be able to tell the difference!

All our DIY PVCU conservatories are suitable for installation onto a steel base and we will be delighted to provide you with a personalised quotation. A growing number of our customers are choosing a Durabase for their conservatories and you will find some images of their installations in our customer gallery.

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