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Why order online?

A DIY Conservatory will save you money

P shape internal viewBuying a self build conservatory will save you up to 60% on typical retail installed prices which means the added value to your property will be reflected a lot quicker.

If you buy your conservatory from a local or national installer you are not just paying for the product and the installation, but also for their high overhead costs such as commissions for salesmen, surveyors and fitters, not to mention expensive showroom facilities.

You can eliminate most of these 'add-on' costs buy choosing a self build conservatory and either building it yourself or employing a tradesmen yourself to do the job. Either way you will make a substantial saving in cost and enjoy your new conservatory knowing that it has cost you a lot less than your neighbours.

The following costs are typical of what you will pay to a local double glazing conservatory installer:


Salesmen Costs

Retail salesmen are normally self employed and work on a commission only basis. They will typically earn around 10% of your sale so on a £15,000 conservatory the salesperson will take £1,500.


Finance Costs

Many companies will offer finance deals but they will earn commission from the finance provider for your business which will ultimately be reflected in your cost. If you need to finance your new conservatory we would always recommend that you seek independent finance from you bank or building society as it will by considerably cheaper.


Surveyors Costs

Surveyors and fitters will often earn around 10% of the sale price.


Base Costs

Many installation companies do not employ their own ground works teams and will often sub-contract base construction to a builder, adding their profit margin to the cost.


Overhead Costs

Now add the installation company's overheads such as a showroom, vehicles and administration staff.

Many of our customers originally obtained quotes from an installation company and were amazed at how much money could be saved by choosing to buy a DIY conservatory online and either doing all the work themselves or arranging for tradesmen to build and install it for them.

We provide a high specification supply only conservatories that include base plans and installation guides - all you have to do is build the base and install the conservatory or get someone in to do it for you and you will save a considerable sum.


How much can you save?

Lean to conservatoriesObviously this will depend on the size and style of conservatory and whether you intend to build it yourself or employ a builder to do it for you.

A high specification 4m x 4m Edwardian could easily cost around £15,000 when purchased from a home improvements company. The same conservatory would cost approximately £5,000 from us and if you chose to bring in tradesmen to do the installation for you, you would still be looking at likely total cost of under £10,000. If you chose to do all the work yourself the cost would of course be substantially lower.

Why order online?


Buy Online

As an internet only business we do not have expensive showrooms and overheads to pay for so we can genuinely offer you a very high specification self build conservatory at trade prices. The product we supply will be of the same or higher specification than one installed by an installation company but you are buying direct and saving a considerable amount of money.

The internet provides us with the opportunity to shop for almost anything these days and buying a conservatory is no different. Buying DIY conservatories online allows you to research the market, get several quotes and make an informed decision without any pressure from a salesman, all from the comfort of your own home and at your own pace.


Need an Installer?

Whilst we are a supply only business our new Homefix conservatory installation service is designed to put you in touch with local installers who will install your new DIY conservatory for you onto a steel or traditional base.  This gives you all the benefits of buying direct at trade prices but also puts you in touch with a local installer who will fit it for you.


Your Privacy is Important to us

We operate a strict privacy policy which means that you can ask us for quotes and advice but we will never pester you for a decision or hassle you with today's special offer discount. Our charter is to provide you with a high specification self assembly conservatory at a very affordable price.
We don't employ salesmen - so you won't be pestered by one!

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