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Top Tips for Your Successful Summer Barbecue

Top Tips for Your Successful Summer Barbecue

Barbecue season is upon us and to follow on from our barbecue recipes article last month we've compiled the Trade Conservatories 2 U top tips for throwing a successful barbecue. So if you are tempted to bring out the grill and treat your friends to a barbecue this summer, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure it is a success.

Plan in Advance

Who is going to be there? Have you got enough chairs? An umbrella to shade your guests from the sun? What about mosquito repellant for when the evening arrives? Do you have a backup plan in case it rains? These are all things to consider well in advance to make sure you are prepared for various eventualities.

You should also plan your food preparation early. Don't just plan what to eat, but do everything that you can before your guests arrive. This includes preparing the meat, chopping the vegetables and making all of the salads in advance and then keeping them in the fridge, which will allow you to be a better host rather than disappearing to constantly prepare things.

Be Different

What will you cook? Standard burgers and sausages, or something a bit different? It really depends on the guests. Kids will often just want the basics. But if you want to impress your guests, go for a twist. Take a look at our recent blog article offering you 5 alternative barbecue recipes.

Large, succulent steaks are always popular, so make sure you get good quality cuts rather than something cheap. You could also go for fish, vegetable kebabs, tuna steaks, halloumi or even something sweet. Try to surprise your guests and it will be appreciated.

Practice Proper Hygiene

Just because you are cooking outside, you should consider all the same basic hygiene practices that you follow in the kitchen. Don't let implements that you use for raw meat touch the cooked meat, and make sure everything is thoroughly cooked, especially with chicken and pork. Defrost meat thoroughly before you cook it, and don't leave meat outside in the sun before cooking but take it directly from the fridge.

Know Your Barbecue

There is nothing worse than failing to get the barbecue alight or burning all the meat. If you don't have experience with your charcoal barbecue, practice before you hold your main event. Make sure you use enough charcoal but not too much, and don't cook over flames but instead wait until there is a fine layer of grey powder over the glowing charcoal. Also plan how long certain cuts of meat take to cook so you don't overcook or undercook them.

Go Beyond the Food

A barbecue is not just about the food: it is about the event. Make sure everyone has fun by providing some background music and even some games to play, especially if there will be some kids present – even something as simple as a frisbee or a football will be much appreciated.

Give Your Garden a Makeover

Don't let your barbecue down by failing to prepare your garden properly. Mow the lawn, cut back the hedge and tidy up the garden to create a more pleasant environment. You should also make sure you have adequate lighting if you plan to stay outside after dark.

Enjoy the Perfect Summer BBQ

Get your barbecue right and it will be appreciated by your guests. Plan it properly in advance, be original and put some effort into making it a success. Then sit back and enjoy a great afternoon or evening with good company in your garden.

We hope you don't but if you have the unfortunate pleasure of rain spoiling your barbecue why not consider hosting next year's barbecue in your new conservatory...

Conservatories are a great addition to homes, not only do they add value to your property but they also provide you with in many cases much needed extra space. By choosing a DIY conservatory from Trade Conservatories 2 U you'll save thousands of pounds compared to traditional double glazing suppliers.  

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