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Choose The Perfect Style of Conservatory

Choose The Perfect Style of Conservatory

When buying a conservatory from Trade Conservatories 2 U you have the confidence that you're dealing with specialists. As the leading supplier of DIY/Self-Build Conservatories we will provide you with a full quotation and guidance on choosing the perfect design of conservatory.

The choices of conservatories available today is vast from modern lean-to conservatories to Edwardian and Victorian conservatories. Discover the options available below and how to choose the perfect style for your home.



When you're thinking about adding a conservatory to your home, in the back of your mind somewhere there must already be an intended usage, be it dining room, study, play room etc. This is something important to think about as each room may require a different layout.



Conservatories are a perfect for getting lots of natural light. So when thinking about the location of your conservatory you'll want to think about how much sunlight you want, as south facing conservatories will get more sunlight and will mean you'll need to think about blinds or curtains.


Deciding on the style and design of your conservatory is a crucial part of the planning process and you will want to think carefully about the size and layout of your conservatory. When choosing your conservatory it wants to be within keeping of the style of your home otherwise it may end up looking out of place.

Popular conservatory designs include Lean-To and Edwardian which suit most modern houses, but if your home is a more period property then a Victorian and Gable End design may be better suited.



  • Regarded as the simplest style of conservatory.
  • Low pitch form
  • Polycarbonate roof
  • Economical design



  • Rectangular footprint – maximises use of floor space
  • Allows easy positioning of furniture within conservatory
  • Symmetrical design
  • Front sloping roof



  • Most traditional style of conservatory
  • 3 or 5 facet designs

Gable End

Gable End:

  • Square or rectangular footprint
  • Flat gable front to maximise light
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